Total production

The volume of total production refers to the output manufactured by the enterprise or its establishment during the calendar year. It comprises sold production and production intended to be sold, output produced for stock as well as output that either is being, will be or has been reprocessed by the enterprise. Data on total production for a calendar year are inquired, in addition to data on sold production, only in the case of separately defined commodities. Only the volume and not the value of total production is usually reported.

Data on total production are inquired as complementary data on those production/commodity headings on which the data on sold production (i.e. sales) are not thought to describe actual manufacturing sufficiently.

Volume of total production = the volume of output produced during the statistical reference year irrespective of whether it is produced for sale or further processing within the same legal unit.

If total production is inquired from the product heading concerned, it is inquired either for the needs of Eurostat or Statistics Finland.

Statistics using the definition

Validity of the definition

  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

Source organisation

  • EU