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20 Oct 2016 Hundred-year-old Finland in the statistics

The European Statistics Day is held on 20 October 2016. On the Statistics Day, Statistics Finland will publish the Hundred-year-old Finland website to which statistical data on the development of our country and the life of Finns are collected during the centenary of our independence in 2017. 

17 Oct 2016 Taika research data catalogue opened

Taika is a new research data catalogue, which presents unit-level data intended for research use. Data can be searched from the catalogue with a versatile search function.

13 Oct 2016 Search function added to the Concepts pages

The Concepts pages found in Statistics Finland’s web service have been updated. Concepts can now be found with a handy search function. The search can also be limited by topic or statistics.

11 Oct 2016 Finland in Figures

How many wage and salary earners are there in Finland? And how many passenger cars or protected areas are there? The Finland in Figures web pages provide you with the main key figures concerning Finland and Finns.

6 Oct 2016 Statistics Finland starts big data cooperation with Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Finland and Statistics Netherlands CBS have agreed on cooperation for developing big data technology to benefit statistics production.


Changes in statistics

30 September 2016 Changes to the data content of the statistics on balance of payments

14 September 2016 University of applied sciences education: Statistics renamed

10 June 2016 New treatment for closures of small enterprises

28 April 2016 Statistics Finland has renewed the calculation of the numbers of transactions of old dwellings in housing companies

Last updated 21 Oct 2016