News 15 Nov 2017

How has our everyday life changed?  

New information is currently being collected on Finns’ leisure activities and interests in Statistics Finland’s extensive Leisure Survey. During the data collection lasting until the end of the year, Statistics Finland will send an inquiry to around 15,000 Finns.

“The Leisure Survey gives us data on how Finns’ everyday life and activities have changed. We also aim to find out whether services related to leisure activities are provided equally in different parts of the country and for different population groups,” says Researcher Riitta Hanifi from Statistics Finland.

Finns’ leisure time was last studied in 2002. After that, many new things like changes in the communications technology have altered how we spend our leisure time.

“The survey aims to explore how the use of computers and mobile phones has changed everyday life and social relationships, what changes have taken place in physical exercises or reading, as well as in participation in associations or voluntary work,” lists Hanifi.

Finns’ everyday life has been studied for a long time

The Leisure Survey provides unique and impartial information on how people perceive their everyday life. The survey conducted this year covers the entire population aged over 10 and it has no upper age limit.

“An overall picture can be drawn of changes in people's everyday life only if responses are received from persons of all ages living in different parts of Finland. Thus, decision-makers get to know whether the available services meet people's needs,” says Riitta Hanifi.

Statistics Finland has been collecting information on Finns’ leisure time since 1977. The previous Leisure Surveys were made in 1977, 1981, 1991 and 2002.

The collected data are published as statistical data, from which information given by individual respondents cannot be identified. The first results from the 2017 survey will be published as statistics and articles in spring 2018.

Further information: Researcher Riitta Hanifi +358 29 551 2946, Senior Statistician Juha Haaramo +358 29 551 3666,

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