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Published: 31 May 2004

Presidential election 2000

The first round of the Presidential election 2000 was held on 16 January and the second round on 6 February 2000 (in accordance with the Election Act 714/1998 that entered into force on 8 October 1998). The numbers of presidential candidates and information on those entitled to vote and those who voted are presented for both elections.

On the election night, tables and text descriptions according to the preliminary (100%) calculation result were issued and time series tables were updated on Statistics Finland's Presidential election 2000 pages (16.1.2000). The languages in the tables are Finnish, Swedish and English - only the text descriptions and press releases are in three different languages, because the aim was to publish statistical data as soon as possible after completion. The statistics have been updated with the figures according to the confirmed result (20.1.2000 =>).

NB Election maps on votes cast for the 2000 candidates and on voting turnout by municipality can be seen as html pages => maps.

An instant analysis on the Presidential election 2000 could be ordered separately. The success of the candidates was examined by area with the help of different background variables, a similar analysis was made on the Municipal elections 2000 (=> Municipal elections => figures).

The election map service 2006 (to be opened in January 2006) contains thematic maps and tables connected to them.


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