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Environmental and energy taxes

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Accrual of environmental taxes remained unchanged in 2017
05 Sep 2019
The accrual of environmental taxes in 2017 remained on level with the year before, at EUR 6.7 billion. Households' share of all paid environmental taxes was 51 per cent. Compared to the year before, the taxes paid by households increased by two per cent. The share of environmental taxes in Finlands total tax revenue decreased slightly to 6.9 per cent, however still being slightly above the average for EU countries

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10 Sep 2020

Description: These statistics on environment-related taxes and charges describe the amounts and shares of total tax revenues of the environmental taxes and charges collected by the public sector. They contain data on both environment-related taxes and charges and on certain environment-related royalties. The statistics on environment-related taxes and charges are produced within a unified international statistical framework as defined by bodies like the OECD and Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. The co-operatively developed and approved statistical framework facilitates the collection and comparison of internationally harmonised data. In the statistics on environmental taxes by industry, environmental taxes are presented according to the industrial classification used in national accounts. In this way, the data on taxes can be connected direct to various monetary variables of national accounts.
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Keywords: energy tax, environmental economics, environmentally related taxes, pigouvian tax, taxation, vehicle tax.
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Change: The data content of the Environmental taxes will be reduced in 2015
19 Dec 2014
The data content produced by the statistics will change in 2015.

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