Our experienced survey professionals serve internal and external customers in the planning of survey designs, consult on the selection of the most cost-effective data collection tool and on sample planing, formulate the questions expertly with regard to the requirements of the topic areas and target groups, conduct statistically reliable estimation of the results and non-response analyses. When necessary, questions and questionnaires are tested by various methods in the SurveyLaboratory. The results are delivered according to customer needs as data materials, tables, table reports or research reports.

Our activity and quality are based on our versatile total management of the survey process. Our service covers all the stages of the survey process:

Survey designs
Sample planning and samples

Data collection

  • Selection of the data collection method
  • Nation-wide telephone interviews
  • Nation-wide face-to-face interviews
  • Mail inquiries
  • Internet data collection
  • Participatory observation, situational analyses
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Combinations of the above
  • Practical planning and implementation

Planning and testing of questions and questionnaires
Methodological consultation
Consultation on concepts and classification
Tabulation, analysis and reporting of the results

Last updated 19 Apr 2021