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Consumer confidence strongest in over three years
28 Jun 2021
In June, the consumer confidence indicator (CCI) stood at 4.6, while in May it was 2.7 and in April 3.8. The figure for June is highest since February 2018 (4.9). Last year in June, the CCI received the value -3.9. The long-term average for the CCI is -1.8. The data are based on Statistics Finlands Consumer Confidence Survey, to which 956 persons resident in Finland responded between 1 and 17 June.

Description: The statistics on Consumer Confidence express consumers’ sentiments, expectations and intentions relating to economic matters.
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Keywords: consumer confidence, consumers, consumption, confidence indicator, economic expectations, use of money, saving, raising a loan.
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Change: Long time series of Consumer Confidence have been republished as level revised
13 Jan 2020
The time series for the statistics on Consumer Confidence are again available starting from 1995: database table.

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