Database tables for 2020 were moved to the archive database and database tables for 2021 were published in their place

Database tables 139x, 139y and 139z of the structure of earnings statistics for the statistical reference year 2020 were moved to the archive database. They were replaced with tables for the statistical reference year 2021: 13xe (replaces Table 139x), 13xf (replaces Table 139y) and 13xg (replaces Table 139z).

The structure of earnings statistics are not published as a time series, because it is not recommended to calculate annual changes from the statistics. The occupational and industry structure of wage and salary earners changes every year, so the aggregate level figures of the statistics describe the change at the level of the entire economy, not at the level of wage and salary earners. In particular, data on occupations on the most detailed level are not comparable between years.

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