News 25 Apr 2017

Statistics Finland becomes the statistical information service channel for the Finnish Government

On 24 April, Statistics Finland opened the statistical information service for the Prime Minister’s Office, the ministries, the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland and the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. The service is part of the existing general information service of Statistics Finland’s information specialists.

The statistical information service is designed especially for the statistical data needs of the Finnish Government. The service has a direct line to Statistics Finland from the Senaattori service used by the Government. The statistical information service starts as a pilot that is conducted in cooperation between Statistics Finland and the Prime Minister's Office.

“Statistics are needed in fact-based decision-making. The service is a good channel to increase the use and effectiveness of statistical data. The pilot also offers Statistics Finland the chance to try out a new type of model for information services to customers”, says Statistics Finland’s Director General Marjo Bruun.

Further information: Director, Information Services Hannele Orjala, tel. +358 29 551 3582, Head of Information Services Sari Palén, tel. +358 29 551 2276