News 15 Nov 2021

Our website is being renewed – test the beta pages of statistics and give us feedback

We are renewing the content and structure of our website to serve users of statistical data better than before. The renewal has started from the Statistical data pages from which we continue to other contents.  

With the Statistical data beta pages we are now testing the functioning of the new statistical pages from the viewpoint of users.  

On the beta pages you can find new types of releases on three different statistics: 

Consumer confidence 

Annual national accounts   

Foreign shipping traffic 

The figures of the releases have been renewed: you can use them to get to the source of the numbers presented in the figures, that is, to the database table, and you can download the data or save the figure as a file.  

On the beta pages you can also find the updating times of releases and database tables for the next year and the renewed path to the database data.  

Please tell us what you think about our beta pages. Go to the feedback form

The beta pages and the feedback inquiry will be open until the end of January 2022. 

Please note that the content of the beta pages will not be updated, so you can still find the latest statistical data at   

Further information: Juhani Kauppo, +358 295 512 679