News 11 Feb 2021

Markus Sovala appointed Director General of Statistics Finland

The Government has appointed Markus Sovala as Director General of Statistics Finland for a five-year term starting from 1 March 2021. Sovala is currently employed as Economic Policy Coordinator at the Ministry of Finance. Having worked as Director General at Statistics Finland for nine years, Marjo Bruun retired at the end of January.

Markus Sovala

Markus Sovala Image: Tommi Tolkki, Ministry of Finance

“The strategic importance of information has grown due to digitalisation because more operational benefits are now derived from it. Statistics Finland is a major actor in the field of information and one of the oldest and most respected statistical houses in the world. It is very interesting to start leading a team of top professionals. Enterprises have plenty of information in their possession – hopefully we will find common interests. Another important development trend is to team up with other digital and information authorities at the regional level, too,” says Sovala.

According to Sovala, many new things have been learned from work and working in the present exceptional circumstances: “Remote work and multiple-location work will surely remain stronger practices than before. We have a great opportunity to combine work and free time more flexibly – let us not waste it.”

At the moment, Sovala coordinates economic policy at the Ministry of Finance. Prior to this, Sovala has worked as Leader of Change at the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, as Director General of the Economics Department and as Deputy Head of the Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance, as Senior Adviser at the World Bank and as Programme Director at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Statistics Finland is an agency in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Finance whose task it is to combine data into statistics and information services for the use of citizens, enterprises, public administration and research. Statistics Finland aims to develop from a producer of statistics to a provider of influential information and support more efficient use of reliable information. Around 800 experts in various fields are working at Statistics Finland.

Contact information: Director of Communications Hanna Ikäheimo tel. +358 29 551 3025