News 19 Jun 2019

Marjo Bruun continues as Director General of Statistics Finland

Today on 19 June 2019, the Government appointed Marjo Bruun as Director General of Statistics Finland for a five-year term. The appointment will take effect on 1 July 2019. Ms Bruun has acted as Director General of Statistics Finland since 2012.


Marjo Bruun thinks the coming years will be very interesting for those acting in the field of information, and she wants to be involved in developing Statistics Finland’s role in society's information production.

“At Statistics Finland we have extensive data warehouses and in-depth knowledge about processing of information. During the preparation phase of the new strategy we considered what new to build on top of these data warehouses,” Ms Bruun describes.

Ms Bruun raises artificial intelligence as an example: “We must be able to utilise artificial intelligence more than before in statistics production. This also helps us to meet the requirements to turn information faster into a usable form.” 

Future prospects also include extending cooperation beyond organisational boundaries. “In future, we will work more and more together with others, particularly with information-intensive organisations. In addition, our cooperation partners will be different service providers that produce services based on our information.”

Introduction of Marjo Bruun