News 25 May 2020

Corona situation review of 22 May 2020: rapid preliminary statistics on the number of deaths and bankruptcies are published weekly

Due to the corona situation we have accelerated the production of data describing the exceptional circumstances. We publish statistics deviating from ordinary statistics production once a week for the time being and compile data on them and other topical statistics into this news item.

Selections of statistics and articles describing the corona situation

•    18 May According to the statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories, the value of enterprises' inventories fell in the first quarter (in Finnish).
•    19 May According to the statistics on road traffic accidents, the number of road traffic accidents decreased in April from last year.
•    19 May Hanna Sutela’s blog: Generality of information work enabled the breakthrough in remote work in Finland (in Finnish).
•    19 May The number of open job vacancies remained on level with the previous year in January to April.
•    20 May The number of bankruptcies grew by 8.4 per cent in January to April from the previous year (in Finnish).
•    20 May Rapid preliminary statistics on the number of deaths have been published in the experimental statistics database. The data extend to week 19, i.e. until 10 May.
•    20 May According to the experimental early estimate of output for April, seasonally adjusted output of the national economy fell by 1.5 per cent in April (in Finnish).
•    20 May Sampo Pehkonen analyses in his blog the change in wage and salary earners’ income based on data from the Incomes Register (in Finnish).
•    22 May The instant preliminary data of the statistics on bankruptcies show that a total of 49 bankruptcies were instigated in week 20 (in Finnish). The data are updated as the data become supplemented.
•    22 May Ilkka Lehtinen's article: Corona may affect the housing market similarly as the financial crisis (in Finnish).

Coming this week

•    25 May Cost index of civil engineering works, April 2020
•    25 May Producer price indices, April 2020
•    26 May Building and dwelling production, March 2020
•    26 May Domestic waterborne traffic, April
•    27 May Labour Force Survey, April 2020
•    27 May Consumer confidence, May 2020
•    27 May Turnover of trade, April 2020
•    28 May Index of wage and salary earnings, 1st quarter 2020
•    28 May Accommodation statistics, April 2020
•    28 May Air traffic, April 2020
•    29 May Quarterly national accounts, 1st quarter 2020
•    29 May Turnover estimate of large enterprises, April 2020

Information about the situation of statistical data collections in exceptional circumstances

Due to the corona epidemic, the response rates of Statistics Finland's data collections have fallen significantly in a few data collections. The response rate has been around five to ten per cent lower than in the previous year in the Survey on income and living conditions, the finance and renovation inquiry of housing corporations, in data collections on enterprises’ research and development activities and information technology in enterprises. The effects on the quality and usability of statistics are monitored.

We aim to raise the response rates with additional reminders and by utilising email addresses in communication. Various means have been used to communicate about data collections. In order to obtain good and exhaustive data on exceptional times, it is important that the data suppliers included in the sample respond to the inquiries.

This is how to find statistical data on the coronation situation

We collect statistics describing the corona situation on the corona pages of Statistics Finland's web pages. Eurostat has also opened the Covid-19 page where you can find much information and data describing the situation on the EU level. In addition, we provide information in our weekly news on statistics describing the corona situation and on the effects of emergency conditions on statistics production.

Statistics Finland’s statistics and services can be found on the pages. The Information Services help in finding statistical information by telephone at +358 29 551 2220 or by email at You can also inquire about statistics with the Ask about statistics form.

Further information:
Ville Vertanen, Deputy Director General (Partnerships and Ecosystem Relations), tel. +358 29 551 3343
Hannele Orjala, Director of Information Services (Communication and Information Services), tel. +358 29 551 3582