News 15 Jan 2021

Corona situation report of 15 January 2021: Turnover and sales volume of trade growing, the service industry falling

We collect topical statistics, blogs and articles describing the development of the corona situation in Finland into Statistics Finland's corona situation report published every other week. Rapid preliminary data on the numbers of deaths published weekly during the corona time are available in the database of experimental statistics.

Latest statistics describing the corona situation

Turnover of construction enterprises decreased by 1.5 per cent in November (15 January 2021)
Output of the national economy fell in November from the year before, growth from the previous month (15 January 2021)
Turnover in industry decreased by 1.6 per cent in November (15 January 2021)
Turnover and sales volume in trade increased in November (14 January 2021)
Inflation 0.2 per cent in December (14 January 2021)
Wages and salaries sum grew by 0.2 per cent year-on-year in September to November (14 January 2021)
Turnover and output in services fell in November (14 January 2021)
Current account in deficit in November , net capital inflow to Finland (12 January 2021)
In December 2020 the number of new passenger cars registered was 8 132  (11 January 2021)
Transport in domestic waterborne traffic decreased in November (11 January 2021)
New orders in manufacturing grew by 9.2 per cent year-on-year in November
Industrial output grew in November the month before but fell from the previous year (8 January 2021)
Sea transport decreased in November (8 January 2021)
Expert article: Corona crisis has increased slightly more women's worries (22 December 2020) (in Finnish)

Forthcoming statistics describing the corona situation

  • 20 January Restructuring of debts 2020, 4th quarter
  • 20 January Experimental early estimate for the economy, December
  • 21 January Enterprise openings and closures 2020, 3rd quarter
  • 21 January Preliminary population statistics 2020, December
  • 25 January Producer price indices 2020, December  
  • 25 January Producer price indices price index for services 2020, 4th quarter
  • 26 January Building and dwelling production 2020, November
  • 27 January Bankruptcies 2020, December
  • 27 January Business restructuring proceedings 2020, 4th quarter
  • 27 January Consumer confidence 2021, January
  • 28 January Labour Force Survey 2020, December, 4th quarter and annual data
  • 28 January Accommodation statistics 2020, December (preliminary data)

This is how to find statistical data on the corona situation

We collect statistics describing the corona situation on Statistics Finland's corona pages. You can contact statistical experts directly on various topics, contact details are available here (in Finnish). Plenty of information and data describing the situation on the EU level and by country are also available on Eurostat’s Covid-19 page and the Recovery Dashboard with indicators on the recovery of Europe.

Links to the latest weekly statistics on the numbers of bankruptcies and deaths can be found on the page about the effects of corona. News on topical statistics can be found in the news section of our website.

Statistics Finland's research services continue to cooperate with Helsinki GSE. The situation room reports can be found on the Helsinki GSE website. For the time being, the Library of Statistics is closed to visitors. The lending service operates as agreed.

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