Database links beginning with pxnet2 will be disabled completely

Links to our free statistical databases start with the string If you have still used links to our databases that begin with the string, start to use the new links. The old links will stop functioning on 16 November 2022.

The following address starts will stop functioning:

The following address starts will function:

The change also applies to interface calls and saved searches.  

Prior redirection will be disabled

Statistics Finland's free PxWeb databases were moved to a new address on 5 October 2022. Before the change we reported that the old links would be redirected to the new address but now we have to disable the redirection. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Addresses of databases

The change concerns only the following databases:

  • StatFin[recommended address format]
  • Municipal key figures
  • Paavo
  • Financial data reported by wellbeing services counties
  • Financial data reported by municipalities and joint municipal authorities
  • Experimental statistics
  • Immigrants and integration
  • Key figures of environmental accounts
  • Sustainable development UN Indicators
  • Population census 1987–2010

Why does StatFin have several addresses?

The address of the StatFin database previously showed the server on which the database is located. In spring 2022, StatFin was transferred to a new server pxweb2, and in addition, an alias address starting with the character string was taken into use in the database. The purpose of the alias address is to prevent link changes caused by server changes in future. At this stage, StatFin had two functioning addresses.

When we started transferring other databases we realised that the alias address we selected might give the wrong impression to the users of other databases. To avoid confusion, we decided to start the addresses of all our free databases with the character string

You can use any of the new addresses, also in application interface calls, but on Statistics Finland's pages we will start using the address starting with