Statistics Finland participates in the 100 acts for gender equality project

The 100 acts for gender equality project, which is a part of the programme of the centenary of Finland’s independence, takes new and concrete actions to enhance gender equality and increases the visibility of women, in particular, in the centenary programme.

Statistics Finland takes part in the 100 acts for gender equality project by improving the availability and visibility of statistical data concerning gender equality.

Statistics Finland is committed to developing particularly the data content of the thematic pages on gender equality and the retrievability of gender equality data. Statistical data concerning gender equality are also highlighted in Statistics Finland's various communication channels and particularly in social media. The aim is to provide data on gender equality more easily and comprehensively than before to an even larger audience. Clear data that can be easily found support more extensively the work to promote gender equality.

Statistics Finland has been producing statistics on gender equality since the mid-1970s. The first publication on the position of women came out in 1980. Starting from the 1990s, Statistics Finland has regularly published the Women and Men in Finland pocket statistics, which contain key statistical data on the position of women and men in society. The latest pocket statistics were published in 2016. In future, corresponding gender equality data will be increasingly transferred to the web by developing visualisation of data and utilising automated solutions.