The Health pages include statistical data on women's and men's mortality and causes of death.

More statistical data related to health by sex:


Women’s and men’s life expectancy

The life expectancy at birth describes the age children born in a particular year are expected to reach on average if mortality remains unchanged. Men's life expectancy has, as a rule, been lower than that of women. Life expectancies have grown relatively evenly for decades and at the same time the life expectancies of women and men have grown a little closer to one another.

Average life expectancy at birth

Women’s and men’s causes of death

There are some differences between women's and men's causes of death. More women than men die from disease of the nervous system, mainly Alzheimer's disease. For men, alcohol-related, accident and suicide mortality is higher than for women.

Alcohol-related deaths /mortality per 100 000 persons

Accidental deaths and age-standardised mortality per 100 000 persons

Suicides and age-standardised suicide mortality per 100 000 persons