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Number of passengers in foreign shipping traffic fell by 65 per cent in 2020 but goods transport remained almost unchanged
17 Jun 2021
The coronavirus pandemic had a strong impact on the number of passengers in foreign shipping traffic, which fell by 65 per cent compared with 2019. The number of passengers travelling through Finnish ports was 6.7 million in 2020. Nearly all passengers transported by sea travelled on routes to Estonia and Sweden. During 2020, the goods volume of foreign sea transport totalled 96.0 million tonnes. Sea transport went down by five per cent from the year before. Exports fell by six per cent and totalled 50.2 million tonnes. Imports went down by four per cent and amounted to 45.8 million tonnes. A total of 2.4 million transport equipment were transported. Of them, 53 per cent were passenger cars belonging to passengers.

Description: The statistics on foreign shipping traffic comprise data on the waterborne transport of goods and passengers between Finland and foreign countries as well as on the number of vessels in international transport calling Finnish ports. In addition to data on the import and export volumes of goods, passengers and vehicles and other transport equipment, they contain data on transport performance and vessels used in transport. Furthermore, traffic and transport volumes in foreign traffic concerning the Saimaa Canal are presented in the statistics.
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Keywords: foreign traffic, goods traffic, navigation, passenger traffic, sea transport, shipping, shipping traffic, traffic, transport, vessel traffic.
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Change: Several sets of transport statistics transferred from Traficom to Statistics Finland
30 Jan 2020
In 2020, Statistics Finland will start publishing several sets of official statistics relating to transport which were previously published by Traficom.

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