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Published: 26 October 2017

Contraction of research and development expenditure slowed down

According to Statistics Finland, research and development expenditure amounted to EUR 5.9 billion in 2016. Expenditure went down by EUR 145 million from the year before. The decrease comes entirely from the business enterprises sector, where research and development expenditure contracted by close on four per cent, which is, however, a one-half slower fall rate for expenditure than in 2015. In research institutes and elsewhere in the government sector and in the higher education sector, R&D expenditure remained on level with the previous year.

The GDP share of research and development expenditure was 2.8 per cent in 2016. The GDP share has decreased continuously since 2009 when the share of R&D expenditure was 3.8 per cent. Driven by business enterprises, research and development expenditure is estimated to make an upturn of around EUR 100 million in 2017 and the GDP share is estimated to be 2.7 per cent.

Research and development expenditure by sector in 2010 to 2017*

Research and development expenditure by sector in 2010 to 2017*
* Preliminary data
1) Incl. private non-profit sector

Source: Research and development 2016, Statistics Finland

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