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Published: 27 October 2011

R&D expenditure in the higher education sector up by 11 per cent

In 2010 around EUR 185 million more was used on research and development than one year previously. According to Statistics Finland, the majority of the growth, 77 per cent, was directed to the higher education sector. EUR 115 million of the EUR 142 million increase recorded for the higher education sector came from the growth in external funding. The change in research made with basic State funding thus remained minor.

R&D expenditure by sector in 2004-2010

R&D expenditure by sector in 2004-2010

Public sector R&D expenditure rose by close on EUR 36 million. Business enterprises' expenditure on product development remained practically unchanged. The expenditure on research and development performed in Finland reached EUR 6.97 billion in 2010. The R&D expenditure of business enterprises amounted to EUR 4.85 billion, that of the higher education sector to EUR 1.42 billion and the rest of the public sector to EUR 692 million.

The share of the higher education sector in total R&D expenditure exceeded the limit of 20 per cent, while the share of business enterprises dropped to nearly 70 per cent. Enterprises' share of funding expenditure also fell from 67 to 65 per cent.

The GDP share of R&D expenditure was 3.87 per cent in 2010. While the expenditure is estimated to rise to EUR 7.1 billion in 2011, its GDP share will also remain high by international comparison, at around 3.7 per cent.

Source: Research and development 2010, Statistics Finland

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