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Published: 12 June 2006

User proportion of the Internet has grown steadily

Around three out of four, or 73 per cent and over 2.8 million of 15 to 74-year-olds used the Internet in spring 2005. An inquiry was made about Internet use during three months preceding the time of the interview. From 2001 the user proportion of the Internet has grown by around twenty percentage points. In relative terms, it has grown most among people aged 60 or over, whose starting level was clearly the lowest. Women have distinctly caught up with men in Internet use, and in the age group of 30 to 49-year-olds more women than men are using the Internet. Of pension-age people men were more often on the Internet than women.

Internet users, spring 2001 to spring 2005, percentage of 15 to 74-year-olds by age group

According to the international recommendation, weekly Internet use is defined as regular use of the Internet. Internet use has become more regular over the past few years, one reason for which being the acceleration of Internet connections. There are no significant differences in daily Internet use between people of different age, except among over 65-year-olds, of whom only a few use the Internet often. In spring 2005 around two thirds of home Internet users used the connection daily or almost daily.

The use of the Internet for everyday matters has become more diverse. A special Finnish feature in Internet use is net banking, which is not used as widely elsewhere. More than three quarters of Internet users had taken care of bank transactions via the Internet. Around every third had been online shopping. Two thirds had browsed travel and accommodation services and more than every second Internet user had read online magazines.

Source: Finns as ICT users. Statistics Finland

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