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Changes in marital status

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Decline in the total marriage rate accelerated
14 Nov 2019
According to Statistics Finland, the decline in the total marriage rate strengthened in 2018. Examined by the whole country, the direction of the marriage rate of opposite-sex couples has been declining for over a decade. In recent years, the decrease in the marriage rate has been slowed down by the remarriage rate remaining unchanged. In 2018, the remarriage rate also decreased and as the rate of first marriages continued declining, the total marriage rate fell more steeply than before. The figure shows the development of the marriage rates for women as they are the same as for men. The figures calculated based on men are simply higher than those for women.

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8 May 2020

Description: The statistics on changes in marital status describe changes in the marital status of men and women permanently resident in Finland. The categories of marital status are unmarried, married, divorced, widowed, partner in a registered same-sex partnership, divorced from a registered same-sex partnership and widowed from a registered same-sex partnership.
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