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These statistics examine graduates' employment and entry into further education, and their regional transition within a given time period from graduation. The phenomena are described at the end of the year according to transition to employment, unemployment, further studies, military service or other activity. In addition, the statistics describe the transition by area, industry, employer sector or other information. The statistics are produced by combining a number of Statistics Finland’s individual-based data files. No surveys are conducted among graduates. Data for the payable Transition from school to work service are also produced annually from these data. The service contains data on the transition of comprehensive school leavers, matriculated school leavers, qualifiers from vocational education and attainers of polytechnic and university degrees by variables like degree or qualification, providers of education and region, as well as information on the supply of labour force by region. The statistics have been produced annually since the 1990s. In accordance with the Statistics Act, the personal data from which these statistics are compiled are confidential. As a rule, the statistics produced from them are public.

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Transition from school to further education and work [e-publication].
ISSN=1798-9469. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 23.2.2024].
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