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Statistics on building and dwelling production will be renewed

The new classification of buildings 2018 will be adopted in the statistics on building and dwelling production starting from the data on January 2020. With the review, publication of data according to the classification of buildings 1994 will be discontinued.

The content of the classification of buildings 2018 in relation to the classification version of 1994 has changed significantly for some main categories. The new classification of buildings has 15 main categories and they are indicated with two digits. New main categories in the classification are 10 Energy supply buildings and 11 Public utility buildings. The buildings of these main categories belonged to the main category of Industrial buildings in the previous classification.

The integration of the new and old classifications is for the most part straightforward, but more challenging for some categories. Statistics Finland's Building classifier service, which also contains the conversion key between the old and new classifications, helps in the integration. More detailed information on the description of the classification of buildings and the classifier service at

The adoption of the new classification of buildings also impacts the calculation of the volume index of newbuilding. In connection with the review, the calculation of prices of newbuilding by building category and the estimation model for construction time have been updated. For these reasons the volume index of newbuilding will be revised.

Last updated 25.2.2020

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