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Prices of import inputs rose more than prices of domestic inputs in 2018
29 Apr 2021
According to Statistics Finland's input-output statistics, prices of intermediate consumption rose in all industries by 3.2 per cent in 2018. The prices of inputs acquired from the domestic market went up by 2.6 per cent, while the prices of inputs imported from abroad rose by 4.5 per cent. Thus, imports of inputs, on average, had a raising effect on the price change of intermediate consumption in the industry.

Description: The supply tables describe by commodity group production and imports of the goods and services that are produced by different industries and used in the national economy. The use tables describe by commodity group the use of these products as intermediate products in different industries and for domestic final use and exports. The description also shows the distribution of expenditure by industry into purchasing of domestic and foreign products, and wages, operating surplus and other value added items.
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Keywords: imports, industries, input-output analysis, national accounts, production.
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Change: The input-output statistics are supplemented with tables at constant prices
05 Dec 2018
In the input-output statistics from the year 2015, the supply table at basic prices and the use table at purchaser's prices are published at previous year's prices as well.

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