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Publication of the volume index of service industries starts in March 2019

Statistics Finland begins publishing the volume index of service industries in March 2019. The volume index of service industries is published at a lag of around six weeks from the end of the statistical reference month together with the index of turnover of service industries. The time series of the volume index start from 2010. Data are published on industries corresponding to those in the indices of turnover, excluding scientific research and development (TOL72), arts, entertainment and recreation (TOL R) and other service activities (TOL S). At the same time, an index series, from which activities of head offices (TOL 701) has been removed, will be published instead of legal and accounting activities and management consultancy activities (TOL 69-70). This has no impact on the cyclical image depicted by the index series, because the majority of enterprises practising activities of head offices have been classified according to the productive industry of the enterprise. As a result of the change, the index series corresponds to the volume indicator published for the industry.

The volume index of service industries is calculated as a chain index, where the chaining is made from the previous years average with the annual overlap method. The index of turnover of service industries and industry-level deflators formed in National Accounts are used as source data.

Last updating 8.3.2019


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