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Net immigration lower than in the previous year in 2017
30 Oct 2018
According to Statistics Finland, 31,797 persons moved to Finland in 2017, which was nine per cent fewer than one year earlier. The number of immigrants was 3,108 persons lower than in 2016. Emigration also decreased from the previous year. A total of 16,973 persons moved abroad from Finland, six per cent more than in the year before. The migration gain for Finland fell to 14,824 persons from the previous year's 16,823.

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6 Jun 2019

Description: The statistics on migration describe the moving of individual persons. The statistics differentiate moves across the Finnish territorial boundaries, that is, immigration and emigration, and internal moves within the country, which are further classified into moves between and within municipalities. In migration statistics, data are compiled by the age, gender, marital status, native language, country of birth, and region of arrival and departure of migrants. A person may appear in one year’s statistics several times because the statistical unit is move.
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Keywords: emigration, emigration and immigration, immigration, increase of population, intermunicipal migration, internal migration, intramunicipal migration, migration, population, population changes, vital statistics.
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Change: No release on migration statistics on 14 December 2018
29 Oct 2018
Differing from our prior notification, Statistics Finland will not produce the second release on the migration statistics on 14 December 2018.

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