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Vehicle stock grew in 2017
22 Mar 2018
At the end of 2017, the Finnish vehicle register contained 6,474,783 vehicles, of which 5,045,365 were in traffic use. The total number of registered vehicles grew by 2.5 per cent and the number of vehicles in traffic use grew by 1.0 per cent compared with the situation at the end of 2016. At the end of 2017, the vehicle register of the Åland Islands contained 47,520 vehicles. These data, compiled by Statistics Finland, are based on the vehicle traffic register of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and the vehicle register of Ålands Motorfordonsbyrå.

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22 Mar 2019

Description: Statistics Finland’s statistics on motor vehicles are based on the traffic affairs register of Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), which contains data on all road transport vehicles liable for registration on Mainland Finland. Ålands Fordonsmyndigheten supplies to Statistics Finland annual statistics on first registrations on the Åland Islands, and these data are added to the long time series on first registrations. Vehicles in the separate register of the defence forces are not included in Statistics Finland’s statistics on motor vehicles.
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