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The Meeting of the Siena Group in February 2005 in Helsinki, Finland:
outline for the programme

Date: February 9-11, 2005
City: Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Statistics Finland, Main Office, Conference Room at the 10th floor

Local organisers:

Statistics Finland, in collaboration with HEUNI (The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the UN) Organising committee: Mr. Jussi Simpura (StatFin) (chair), Ms. Riitta Harala (StatFin), Mr. Risto Lättilä (StatFin), Mr. Kauko Aromaa (HEUNI); conference secretaries Ms. Maija Lepistö (StatFin), Ms. Eila Savela (StatFin)

Organisers of sessions:

A: Concept and measurement of crime, justice and safety

A1: Objectives and policy relevance (Kauko Aromaa, HEUNI, Finland)

A2: Data quality and international comparability (Linda Laura Sabbadini, ISTAT, Italy) A3: Combining data from different sources (Frits Huls, Statistics Netherlands)

A4: Measurement of fear of crime (Kauko Aromaa, HEUNI, Finland)

B: Statistics on international migration (Lars Østby, Statistics Norway)

C: Record-linking techniques (Kirsten Wismer, Statistics Denmark)

D: The Siena Group Manual on Social Capital (Penny Babb, ONS, U.K.)

E: International statistical cooperation (Pierre Verdier, INSEE, France)

F: Business meeting of the Siena Group (Jil Matheson, ONS, U.K. & Paul van der Laan, Statistics Netherlands)

Please contact the organisers of the sessions in case you want to present a paper. For email addresses see home page.

The SIENA GROUP MEETING in Helsinki, Finland, 2005

Programme in detail in pdf-form

Programme (21 January 2005)

  Wednesday Feb 9
(arrival on Tuesday night)
Thursday Feb 10 Friday Feb 11
Morning coffee
First session 9-9.30 a.m.
Registration Morning Coffee
Opening addresses:
Jussi Simpura,Director Social Statistics, StatFi
Paul van der Laan, The Siena Group
Michel Glaude, Eurostat
Practical information, Organizing committee
THEME B: International migration
Introducing the theme: Lars Ø stby, Statistics Norway
Enrico Bisogno, UNECE
Lucyna Nowak, Poland
Maria Sorvillo, Italy
Doug Norris, Canada
THEME E: International statistical co-operation
Introducing the theme: Pierre Verdier, INSEE, France
Anna Szukielojc, GUS, Poland
Comment by Hilkka Vihavainen, Statistics Finland
Coffee break
Second session 11-12.30 THEME A: Crime, Justice and Safety
A1 Objectives and policy relevance
Kauko Aromaa, Heuni, Finland
Risto Lättilä, Statistics Finland
THEME C: Record linking techniques
Introducing the theme: Kirsten Wismer, Statistics Denmark
Paul van der Laan, Statistics Netherlands
Svein Gåsemyr, Statistics Norway
Flemming Petersson, Jørn Korsbø Petersen & Ole Schnor, Statistics Denmark
(to be continued at 3.30)
THEME F: Business meeting of the Siena Group
Jil Matheson, ONS, U.K. & Paul van der Laan, Statistics Netherlands

Lunch break 12.30 to 2      
Third session 2-3 p.m. A4 Measurement of fear of crime
Kauko Aromaa, Heuni
Stephen Farrall, Keele University, UK
THEME D: The Siena group Manual on Social Capital
Penny Babb, ONS, U.K.
Aku Alanen and Jussi Simpura, Statistics Finland
Trish McOrmond, ONS
Doug Norris, Statistics Canada
Coffee break
Fourth session 3.30-4.45 p.m. A3 Data from different sources
Frits Huls, Statistics Netherlands
Ends 4.00 p.m.
C: Record linking techniques (continued)
Kaija Ruotsalainen, Statistics Finland
Miguel Angel De Castro, INE, Spain
Ben Humberstone, ONS, U.K.
Discussion after Introduction by Thomas Smrekar, Slovenian Statistical Office
Break <Moving downtown to HEUNI & National Research Institute of Legal Policy>
Fifth session 4.15-5.45 p.m. A2 Data quality and international comparability crime
Linda Laura Sabbadini, ISTAT, Italy
Michael Rand, U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics
Alison Walker,
Home Office, UK
Angela Me,
Unece, Italy
Maria Giuseppina Muratore,
ISTAT, Italy
(5.15 p.m.) Ancillary Mini Seminarium
Tapio Lappi-Seppälä: Introducing NRILP
Kauko Aromaa: Introducing HEUNI
Jukka Savolainen, NRILP
Evening 6-8 p.m. Conference dinner,
Statistics Finland

Local weather conditions in February: very unforeseeable weather, tem-perature typically around -3 to -5 degrees centigrade, but can vary between +5 and -20. Rain comes mostly as snow, wind can be biting on the seashore (conference venue located 300 meters from the sea). The sea will be frozen and the ground covered by 5 to 30 centimetres of snow. Bright sunny days are very beautiful. Daylight from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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