Statistics Finland's service principles

We serve flexibly and proficiently

  • Our website gives access to a wide range of free-of-charge data products and services: latest statistical data, publications, statistical databases, dedicated sections on topics and themes, statistical metadata, and learning materials.
  • Our information and advice services, as well as experts in various fields provide assistance in the search, use and interpretation of Finnish and international statistics. The lending service and the information sources of the Library of Statistics are also at our customers' disposal. Services of the Library of Statistics
  • The information, training and special services we charge for can meet demanding information needs.
  • For further information on our range of products and services see Products and services

We are easy to approach

  • We will answer general information service queries sent to us via the online form Ask about statistics, or by email or telephone +358 29 551 2220.
  • You are free to contact the experts in our statistics. Their contact details can be found under Further information on the left-hand side of the homepage of each set of statistics, or each product or service.
  • The Library of Statistics is open on weekdays: Library opening hours.
  • Our products can be ordered from the customer service of Edita Publishing Oy, tel. +3520 450 05 and from Edita's online bookstore.
  • You can give us feedback via our feedback channel.
  • Statistics Finland's official service point is the Registrar's Office which is open Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6.15 pm (in summer from 1 June to 31 August between 9 am and 3 pm).
  • Staff email addresses are of the form
  • Contact information in more detail.

We operate fast and with precision

  • We will answer queries and feedback received by email or via the Internet within two working days.
  • We will route the queries to the right expert.
  • We will despatch finished products within two days from receipt of order.
  • We adhere to agreed delivery schedules and inform about any possible delays.

We keep data users up-to-date

  • All statistical releases for the current year can be found in alphabetical and chronological order in our Release calendar.
  • When revisions take place in our statistics we post information about them on the Revisions in these statistics page.
  • By subscribing to our News notification service you can order free notifications to your email inbox about our latest statistical releases and other current issues related to our statistics.
  • You can also keep up-to-date with our news supply with RSS feeds.
  • We organise seminars, training and special events on topical subjects.

We learn through interaction

  • We attend carefully to the needs of our data users and seek the best solution for each information request.
  • We regularly ask for and gather the views and opinions of our data users and other stakeholders in order to improve our service.
  • We co-operate continuously with our data suppliers in order to make the provision of data easier for them. Section on Data collections.