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Statistics on taxable incomes (formerly Statistics on income and property) describe the income subject to taxation, deductions, liabilities and taxation of private persons. The basic data of the statistics are drawn from the Tax Administration’s database and cover all private persons who have received taxable income during the year. Income and taxation are examined by, inter alia, income brackets as well as age and gender. The total data also allow for regional examination upwards from the level of municipalities. The statistics are produced annually. As from statistical year 2005 they are available only on the Internet.

Data content

Taxable income of private persons, income structure and distribution among income earners. Income has been classified at a detailed level. The statistics describe the earned and capital income of income earners, wages and salaries, entrepreneurial and property income as well as income transfers, deductions, paid taxes and levies, and liabilities.

The population consists of private persons, who have received taxable income during the year. The basic data are confidential.

Classifications used

Age of income earner, income brackets, gender, regional classifications (all regional divisions based on municipalities).

Data collection methods and data sources

The Tax Administrations’ database is a register which covers the whole population. It includes also the persons deceased during the tax year and persons resident abroad, if they have been subject to taxation in Finland by virtue of the acts on income tax.

Updating frequency

One year.

Time of completion or release

Approximately one year from the end of the statistical reference year.

Time series

The statistics have been produced regularly since 1921. The data content, compilation method and concepts have, however, changed as a result of amendments to the tax laws, among other things.


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