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Business services statistics describe the structure of turnover and services produced in certain branches of industry providing business services. The statistics are based on European Parliament and Council regulation (EC) no. 295/2008 concerning structural business statistics. It defines the branches of industry involved, the data content of the statistics and the classification of service products.

Data content

The business services statistics cover the following branches of industry:

IT services, advertising services, employment services, legal services, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing services, management consultancy services, architectural and engineering services, technical testing and analysis, and market research services.

According to the regulation, the statistics cover all enterprises with at least 20 employees in the above branches of industry. However, in some branches the 20-employee limit permits the coverage of an insufficient proportion of the total turnover of the branch, thus not producing a representative view of the structure of the branch. For this reason the limit has been brought down to 5 employees in some branches.

The following data are collected from enterprises: total turnover, distribution of turnover by products according to the CPA (Classification of Products by Activity) and distribution of turnover by residence of client. The distribution of turnover by public and private sector customers is also collected for the needs of Producer price indices and National accounts at Statistics Finland.

Classifications used

Standard industrial classification (TOL 2008) and classification of products by activity (CPA2008).

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected directly from enterprises as product-level data are not available from other sources. The sampling frame has been extracted from the Business Register of Statistics Finland.

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

The statistics are published annually within 12 months from the end of the reference year. The data are expected to be sent to Eurostat within 18 months from the end of the reference year.

Time series

Comparable data are available from 2008 onwards.


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