Indicators of regional economy

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Indicators of regional economy are ready indicators produced from regional accounts and closely related data providing easily comparable information on regional structures, development and differences in development. The comparisons mostly cover the whole country, and occasionally also the EU countries. Comparisons are also made between areas of similar type.

Data content

The data content of regional economy comprises a selection of the same topics as regional accounts. In addition to these, the selection includes general indicators describing regional development and indicators generally used in international comparisons.

The data are public.

Classifications used

In the compilation of indicators use is made of the classifications used in regional accounts and national accounts, when applicable. The regional classification is the classification of sub-regional units, regions and major reasons as used in the latest statistical year of regional accounts.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are mainly derived from regional accounts. Other data sources are used mainly when expressing the indicators as a proportion.

Updating frequency

The indicators are updated once a year in connection with publication of production and employment and household accounts for regional accounts.

Time of completion or release

Indicators for production and employment in May to April and for households' income in May to June.

Time series

Basic time series from the year 1995.


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