Data protection description on 29 May 2020: Customer and stakeholder register

1. Controller of the register

Statistics Finland
Postal address: FI-00022 Statistics Finland
Visiting address: Työpajankatu 13, Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 29 551 1000 (switchboard)

Contact person: Minna Purja-Roman, tel. +358 29 551 3653

Person responsible for data protection: Johanna Rantanen

2. Name of the register

Customer and stakeholder register

3. Purpose for the processing of personal data

Personal data are processed in management of customer and stakeholder relations (contacts with the customers, agreement management, invoicing, event management). Processing of data concerning Statistics Finland’s personnel in the register is based on that the person is a contact person for a customer relation or a member of some stakeholder group.

4. Data subjects and data concerning them (group/groups of data subjects and data or data groups relating to them)

The register includes Statistics Finland's stakeholder and customer data and Statistics Finland's personnel data. For all data subjects, the name or email address is used as the identification data for the persons.

For persons in the customer and stakeholder register, the data contents of the register are:

  • Additional information supplementing identification data, such as job title, employer and function classification
  • Personal identity number from individual customers for billing purposes (1st May 2020 onwards)
  • Essential contact history: meetings and contacts (incl. emails)
  • Role and involvement in stakeholder cooperation
  • Order and agreement data of data materials and other services
  • Applied and granted user licences to Statistics Finland's data materials
  • Customer feedback
  • Participation in events, functions and trainings arranged by Statistics Finland.

For the personnel of Statistics Finland, the data contents of the register are:

  • Role and involvement in implementing Statistics Finland's stakeholder cooperation and supplying data materials and other services
  • Participation in events, functions and trainings arranged by Statistics Finland.

5. Regular release and transfer of personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Personal data are not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

6. Regular sources of data for the register

Customer register data are collected mainly from the data subjects. Persons representing organisations are added based on the organisation's notification.

For Statistics Finland's employees, the data source used is Statistics Finland's operative systems, such as Active Directory.

7. Principles applied in the protection of the data in the register

All Statistics Finland's employees sign a pledge of secrecy in which the employees pledge not to disclose the confidential data they receive in their work.

The protection of register data is based on passage control, personal user IDs and restricted access rights. The protection against data destruction is based on the use of backup copies and the technical protection of the register against security breaches or the like has been handed over to a professional service provider.

8. Storage period of personal data

The register data are stored according to the storage periods confirmed in the archive formation plan.