Periodical survey of retail trade

Description of the data collection

A survey of the volume of turnover by product group must be conducted every five years in the industry of retail trade. The used product classification is the product classification (CPA 2008) of the European Union.

The survey is based on the European Union’s Regulation on structural business statistics (295/2008).

The data collection carried out with a web questionnaire starts in mid-September and the data are published at the end of April. The inquiry is also made in other EU countries besides Finland.

From whom are data collected?

The target population of the inquiry are enterprises operating in the industry of retail trade, whose basic data are derived from Statistics Finland’s Business Register. The sample is formed of the largest enterprises in the industry plus enterprises drawn by random selection. The size of the sample is around 2,200. The obtained data are methodologically inflated to represent the whole industry of retail trade.

Enterprises' obligation to provide data is based on the Statistics Act (280/2004).

Data processing

The Statistics Act obliges Statistics Finland to treat the data as confidential and use them only for statistical purposes.

What are the data used for?

The data provided by the enterprises are used for statistical purposes and to describe the development of retail trade. In addition, the results of the data collection are reported to Eurostat in accordance with the EU Regulation on structural business statistics.


The web questionnaire of the data collection was revised in 2013.

How often are data collected?

Other regular