Data supplier feedback

Statistics Finland develops data-based feedback for data suppliers on the web. At the moment, it is available in individual-based surveys and is taken into use for data collections from enterprises from autumn 2022 onwards.

We aim to improve the respondent's experience of the usefulness of answering and increase the quality of data collections and statistics. With the help of data-based feedback, the respondents get a clear idea of how their answers transform into statistical data.

After filling in the web form, the respondent is offered data-based feedback as a reward.

Our data-based feedback is a digital, automated and interactive service provided to the respondent. The feedback is produced by utilising Statistics Finland's open data that are available to everyone.

The topic of the feedback changes at regular intervals. The feedback is produced in a service where the respondent can compare, for example, the employment situation in different postal code areas or living in the municipality of the free-time residence, income to the income of other inhabitants in the same postal code area or the placement of the enterprise in its industry.