Published: 18 June 2013

Road traffic claimed 255 lives in 2012

According to Statistics Finland's data, 5,725 road traffic accidents involving personal injury occurred in 2012. In them, 255 persons were killed and 7,088 injured. There were 37 fewer fatalities and 843 fewer injured persons than in 2011.

Persons killed in road traffic by age group 1970–2012

Persons killed in road traffic by age group 1970–2012

Examined by age group, the number of road traffic fatalities decreased most among the elderly aged 64 or over. Fatalities numbered 58, which is 24 fewer than in 2011. The number of road traffic fatalities among young people fell. A total of 55 young people (aged 15 to 24) died in traffic, which is ten fewer than in 2011. One in five of those killed in road traffic was a young person.

A total of 43 persons were killed and 611 persons injured in drunk driving accidents in 2012. There were 31 fewer fatalities and 124 fewer injured persons than in 2011.

A total of 29 pedestrians were killed in 2012, which is 12 fewer than one year earlier. The number of cyclists' road traffic deaths was 19, which figure is unchanged from 2011. The number of moped riders’ road traffic fatalities went down. There were 21 fatalities, or seven fewer than in 2011.

Source: Transport and Tourism: Statistics on road traffic accidents. Statistics Finland

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