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Published: 13 December 2007

Total energy consumption fell by 3 per cent in the three first quarters of 2007

According to preliminary data of Statistics Finland, total primary energy consumption amounted to 1.07 million terajoules in January to September 2007, which was 3 per cent less than in the corresponding period of 2006. Total consumption of electricity was roughly at the same level as one year previously. Total consumption of primary energy was lowered by the decreased production of condensate electricity and slightly warmer weather than in the previous year. By contrast, output in manufacturing grew by one per cent from 2006, which probably led to a slight increase in energy consumption.

Net imports of electricity grew by 21 per cent and production of hydro power grew by 19 per cent during the first three quarters of 2007. Consumption of peat increased by 12 per cent. Fossil fuels were used less than in the previous year. Clearly the biggest reduction, at 20 per cent, was in the consumption of coal (which includes, in addition to hard coal, also coke, blast furnace gas and coke oven gas). The use of wood fuels also decreased by 4 per cent. Carbon dioxide emissions from the production and use of energy decreased by 6 per cent in January to September when compared with the previous year. They amounted to some 44 million tons.

The water situation in the Nordic countries was clearly better than in the year before which allowed increased production of hydro power, the growth of net imports of electricity and the decrease of condensate production. The low price of emission rights improved the competitiveness of peat and hard coal as fuel in electricity and heat generation when compared to fuels with lower emissions. If the prices of emission rights had been higher, the consumption of coal would have decreased more than it did. The feed-in tariff system for peat, which entered into force in the beginning of May, improved the competitive position of peat when compared to hard coal in separate production of electricity.

Total energy consumption, petajoules (1 petajoule = 1,000 terajoules)

Source: Energy supply, consumption and prices 2007, 3rd quarter. Statistics Finland. The data will also be published in the Ministry of Trade and Industry's Energy Review 4/2007.

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