Initial vocational education

Initial vocational education refers to vocational education leading to a qualification. Qualifications obtained in initial vocational education are initial vocational qualifications, which are based on the syllabus of the comprehensive school education. The aim of initial vocational education is that once a student has obtained a qualification he/she will possess broad, basic skills in an occupation and specialist skills as per the completed training programme.

Initial vocational qualifications can be obtained either by completing a curriculum (young students) or by passing a skills examination (adult students). The scope of studies for all initial qualifications is 120 credits, or three years. If a qualification is obtained by passing a skills examination the scope can be less extensive than this as the student's previous skills are taken into consideration. A skills examination can be passed without attending preparatory education for it by demonstrating in skills tests the knowledge and skills required for the attainment of vocational skills.


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  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

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