Balancing confidenciality and usability / Katri Soininvaara, Teemu Oinonen and Annu Nissinen

  • Statistical disclosure control is an issue for statistical institutions, which are responsible both for protecting confidential information collected from statistical units, and for disseminating information to the public. Adhering to the legislation on confidentiality, the statistical institutions face two contradictory problems: one concerning statistical disclosure control and protecting the identities of the statistical units, the other concerning the included level of detail and the usability of the disseminated information for the end users.

    As an empirical example of balancing the two problems, the paper reports the results of an experiment conducted with case data on the inward Foreign AffiliaTes Statistics (FATS). The results are analysed to support the further decision making on protecting statistical publications against statistical disclosure, and to help to decide the level of publication detail for the inward FATS.
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