Satellite Accounts on Household Production: Eurostat Methodology and Experiences to Apply It / Johanna Varjonen, Eeva Hamunen and Katri Soinne

  • The most significant part of production which is excluded from the production boundary of national accounts is household production, i.e. unpaid services produced for own consumption. Measuring the value of these services is again a topical issue due to the recommendations of the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi commission 2009 (S-S-F) that emphasise a wide production concept when measuring economic well-being.

    Eurostat worked on this subject and established a task force. The proposed methodology is based on the framework of national accounts consisting of the whole sequence of non-financial accounts with all transactions from output up to net lending. In the methodology, the total value of service output is targeted rather than only the value of the labour input used in the work.

    This paper discusses the basic features of Eurostat methodology and experiences and challenges in its application.
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